Preference Mapping in Practice

Preference Mapping in Practice

Learn about preference mapping techniques to explore and understand consumer preferences. Applications dealing with segmentation and the identification of niche markets are discussed. Focus on pitfalls and good practices.

Course Details

Upon completion of this module, participants will be able :

  • To understand product/concept preference/liking of consumers and the characteristics driving preference/liking
  • To optimize product acceptance by focusing on preferred consumer characteristics
  • To analyze hedonic scores at the consumer level
  • To identify consumer segments with similar preferences
  • To summarize results in a clear and concise manner

This session is intended for all the people collecting preference data and wishing to determine consumer and product segments to identify niche market.

Knowledge of basic principles of descriptive analysis is recommended.

  • Introduction to Consumer Preferences
  • Traditional Methods : Advantage & Limitations
  • Overview of Preference Mapping
  • MDPREF or Internal Preference Mapping
  • PREFMAP or External Preference Mapping
  • Advanced Topics
  • Summary
  • Recommended Course Duration: 1 day


    • posted by Joni Keith:

      Michel's class was a wonderful introduction to preference mapping. Michel presented this complex subject matter in an interesting manner showing specific applications that we can begin using right away. I would certainly recommend this course to those who may be thinking about attending.

    • posted by Gloria Gaskin

      Good class. It is a lot of material to cover in 2 days, but it was worth it. Again, using actual data really helps.

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